Soul Retrieval

Checklist to see if You need a Soul Retrieval:

  • Do you always feel like there’s just something missing, like there’s a hole in your life that can’t be filled?
  • Do you repeatedly self-sabotage?
  • Was there a specific traumatic event?  (Car accident, serious injury, assault, unexpected death of a loved one, difficult surgery)
  • Were there multiple traumatic events?  (Long-term abuse, multiple injuries, accidents, or deaths, combat related incidents)
  • Have you been diagnosed with PTSD?
  • Do you often feel fuzzy-headed or experience a lack of energy that has no medical/physical reason?
  • Do you feel that there really should be something “better” out there for you?

Why Do Soul Parts Leave and Need to Be Retrieved?

  • When we experience trauma, our mind/spirit finds ways to protect us when we can’t be physically/emotionally protected
  • It is extremely common for people to feel dissociated during traumatic events
  • The problem comes in when the Soul Part doesn’t immediately return after the trauma
    • This can be for any number of reasons:  extended or repeated trauma, extended physical pain, the trauma was seriously shocking to the system, or any other reason that is individual to you and your situation
    • Young children often suffer trauma that adults don’t realize, and the mind is too young, so the part remains dissociated
  • When the part(s) stay away, there is an energy drain — you are now having to send energy to a part that is “elsewhere” and not here helping you with your daily life
  • By getting the part(s) and reuniting them with your self here and now, you can find a return of clarity and energy.

What to expect during a Soul Retrieval:

  • To begin with, you’ll talk to Dr. Griffith Garland about what has occurred in your life and discuss what will happen during the session
  • You will then be invited to lay comfortably on a massage table for the duration of the work — comfortable clothing is recommended as you will be laying still for an extended time
  • Dr. Griffith Garland will then do some Reiki to help clear your energy body and prepare it to receive the part(s) of yourself back into it
  • If you do not already have a Power Animal, the first thing that Dr. Griffith Garland will retrieve for you is your Power Animal.
  • More Reiki will be used to continue preparing you to welcome home your part(s).
  • Dr. Griffith Garland will then Journey to find and bring back whatever part(s) is/are ready to come back.
  • She will then tell you about the part(s) that has/have returned
  • The final step is to do more Reiki to help the part(s) begin the integration process

What to do and expect after your Soul Retrieval:

  • Drink extra water (only water – tea, coffee, juice, alcohol do NOT count)
  • Throw yourself a little “party” to welcome your part(s) back home
    • Have a nice dinner
    • Plan to indulge yourself with a favorite activity
  • Take a shower/bath before going to bed
  • For 3 days:
    • You might have intense dreams
    • You might feel numb
  • For 3 week:
    • You might have strange emotional swings
    • You might recall events from your past that you had forgotten
  • For 3 months:
    • You might find yourself behaving differently, catching yourself when you do something habitual that is not “good” for you and replacing the behavior with a better one.