Shamanic Reiki

What is Shamanic Reiki:

  • Reiki enhanced with Shamanic techniques
  • This can include:

⇒  Finding and retrieving your Power Animal

⇒ Removing attachments to people or places that are draining you.  These can include toxic people that you have physically removed from your life but not energetically removed.

⇒ Removing energetic intrusions:  We pick up negative energies daily.  Most fall away, but some stick and burrow in.

⇒ Determining if you have ties to a past life that are negatively influencing this life

⇒ Determining if you have had soul loss in this life

What to expect during a session:

  • Dr. Garland will begin by discussing with you what is happening your life
  • She will then invite you to relax on her massage table (please wear comfortable clothing)
  • The process begins with a standard Reiki treatment
  • She will then determine what aspects of Shamanic Reiki to incorporate into the session and discuss with you what you would like to do

What to expect after a session:

  • Dr. Garland will suggest that you drink extra water to help clear out toxins that the Reiki is removing from your system.
  • If further work (i.e. Soul Retrieval or Past Life Retrieval) is warranted, she will explain why and the process.
  • The Reiki itself creates a sense of relaxation and rejuvination.  The Shamanic techniques significantly enhance these effects.
  • If a Power Animal was found, she will tell you a bit about how it may be beneficial
  • Any extractions or attachment removals will be discussed along with how to prevent their return