Reiki Sessions

Why get Reiki:

  • Do you feel your chakras are out of alignment?    Or is there a blockage in one or more of them?
  • When you are stressed, it creates energetic imbalances in your body
    • If the imbalances last long enough, disease becomes possible
    • Reiki rebalances your body, attempting to return it to its optimum state
  • If you have an injury, Reiki can speed the healing process
  • If you have or are having surgery, Reiki can speed the healing process
  • If you have chronic conditions, such as Diabetes, Heart Disease, IBS, or Arthritis, Reiki can help ease these
  • If you have high blood pressure, Reiki can lower your blood pressure without any side effects
  • Any condition brought on by stress can be alleviated.
  • Reiki has been known to help with side effects from things such as chemotherapy or radiation

What to expect during a session:

  • Dr. Garland will initially talk with you about what’s going on in your life
  • She will then invite you to relax on her massage table (please wear comfortable clothing)
  • The Reiki treatment includes
    • Clearing, cleaning, and balancing all of your major and minor energy centers (chakras)
    • Restoring proper flow of energy throughout your body
    • Removing all negative energies from within your aura
    • Grounding and centering of your energy
  • If she received any information from her guides during the session, she will discuss that with you at the end (if not as it comes up)

What to expect after a session:

  • Dr. Garland will suggest that you drink more water to help clear the toxins from your body that the Reiki has loosened
  • You may find yourself quite relaxed and rejuvinated
  • You may wish to take a shower before sleep, as the toxins are also released through your skin
  • You may find your dreams to be intense (even if not remembered) for several nights after your session