Past Life Retrieval

What is the difference between a Past Life Retrieval and a Past Life Regression:

  • A Past Life Retrieval occurs when the Shaman journeys to the past to observe her client’s past life.
  • In a Past Life Retrieval, the Shaman can interact some with the life:
    • “Fix” karmic trauma
    • Determine which people are present in the past life that are also present in the current life
    • The Past Life that is retrieved is intentionally one that relates to current life issues and most likely had traumatic or tragic events
  • A Past Life Regression is when a hypnotherapist causes a client to go back (via hypnotic trance) into their own past and relive the events
    • Lance Garland, MA, CHt, is trained to do Past Life Regressions.  Please follow the link to the Charleston Holistic Center main site to view more information about his services.

Why I would want a Past Life Retrieval:

  • When there are self-sabotaging patterns in your life that have no known basis in your current life
  • When you find yourself drawn to something over and over with no current-life explanation
  • When you have some unexplained pain or condition that has no relationship to current-life circumstance or illness
  • Basically, when something is happening in your current life that has no explanation in anything that has happened in this life.

What to Expect During a Past Life Retrieval:

  • Dr. Griffith Garland will initially discuss with you what will occur, and you’ll talk about what pattern it is that you believe may be past-life-oriented.
  • After the discussion, you will be invited to lay on a massage table for the duration of the work  —  it is suggested that you wear comfortable clothing, as you’ll be laying still for an extended time.
  • If you do not already have a Power Animal, Dr. Griffith Garland will do a Journey to retrieve one along with a “diagnostic” discussion with her guides to make sure the Past Life Retrieval is the correct procedure.
  • She will usually do some Reiki before, during, and after the Past Life Retrieval.
  • She will then complete the Retrieval, write up the information, and describe to you what she saw.
  • In rare instances, she may guide you backward on a Journey of your own to help “heal” whatever has occurred in that past life.  During this Journey, you will view your life like a movie, but you may be able to interact with your “then- self.”