Home or Business Clearing

Do You Need Clearing of your Home or Business:

  • Do things go bump in the night?
  • Are there physical areas that pets or small children avoid?
  • Do things disappear with absolutely no reason?
  • Do you or others “dread” going into a certain area?
  • Have people experienced “cold zones” that are not related to the AC?
  • Do doors move without any external cause (like outside doors being opened and closed or other doors on the floor being opened or closed)?
  • Do people just seem to get a “bad vibe” in your space?

What to expect during a Clearing:

  • To begin with, you’ll talk to Dr. Griffith Garland about what has occurred in your space and discuss what will happen while she’s there
  • Please have an area available for her to set up (living floor is usually good)
  • Please secure any pets that may interfere during the Clearing (such as those that might slobber on a person laying down smile)
  • Dr. Griffith Garland will do several walk-thoughs of the space.  Usually one initially to get a feel for everything.
  • She will then Journey to see what is causing the disturbance and will determine how to proceed.
  • She usually then begins a series of complete walk-throughs using a variety of methods to complete the clearing:  drumming, rattles, flute, chings, incense, sage, holy water, essential oils.
  • She may also do work outside on the property and in common areas adjacent to the property (she will be as low-key as possible when outside)
  • Finally, she will complete the Clearing and talk to you about what she found.
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