It’s amazing how much junk clutters up our minds and keeps us from being the person we were born to be.  I was doing some work recently to clear more clutter from my head when I uncovered several events that had shaped some of my ideas about my expression of myself.  I am not normal.  If you were hoping to work with someone who is Plain-Jane and straight-up average, I am not her.

I find it amazing that we absolutely celebrate people who can display athletic prowess or artistic talent.  No one feels offended by standing near LeBron James.  No one feels offend by the existence of Sting.  However, people feel offended if they find out you’re intelligence is above average.  I’ve been told to hide my intelligence since I was in the 1st grade, well, no more.  If you want to work with someone who can’t think their way out of most situations, that’s fine, but what’s the point.  However, if you would prefer that the person helping you create a better you is someone with decent smarts, then I am your gal.  I will no longer hide the fact that I’m pretty smart.  I won’t throw it in your face.  However, if you’re offended by my existence, I think you probably have some serious issues that we could really work on.  Okay, so that was a bit harsh, but come on if you’re really offended because of my brain, what’s happening in yours that’s holding you back from also accessing your full potential?