Holistic Inspiration Coaching


Feeling like there has to be a better life?

Check all that apply:​​

◊ Doubt ◊ Faith
◊ Worry ◊ Joy
◊ Control ◊ Allowing
◊ Ridicule ◊ Believing
◊ Whining ◊ Gratitude
◊ Stagnation ◊ Flow
◊ Closed ◊ Open
◊ Boo-hooing ◊ Celebrating
◊ Restlessness ◊ Peace


Which column got more checks?  Left? Or Right?

If it was the Left side:

  • There are blockages to you creating your best life
  • There are hidden challenges lurking under the surface that need clearing
  • Most likely there are multiple areas of your life in which you are struggling
  • You may have even declared that life sucks!

Holistic Inspiration Coaching is a holistic approach to healing your life.  Dr. Garland  bases everything in the dimensions of spirituality, holism, and mindfulness.

What To Do Now

  • Determine if you are ready to do something about your life.

If yes:

Go straight for the full Holistic Inspiration Experience

If No:  Why the heck not?

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